The activities are dynamic and participative, and tailormade to the specific students needs. Part of the work is carried out collectively to develop communication skills ans methods of working together. The second part is more costomized, aiming especially at their own internal world.

SEMINARS-WORKSHOPS: Educational proposals combining visits to museums with live creative art experiences at the SUSOESPAI centre. The theoretical part is experienced in the actual museum, and consists of appreciating, analyzing and just seeing art. The practical part of the workshop takes place in the SUSOESPAI, premises practicing and relating different creative languages (drawing, sculpture, painting, body expression, music…).

CREATIVE WRITING: This workshop proposes a time and space management intended to enjoy themselves with story telling, as a means of personal development and a creative resource. The aim is to explore and to deep in writing skills in order to find their own voice and make possible to express their inner world.

THEATRE WORKSHOP: Body expression, improvisation skills and role play gather on stage, aiming to perform a theatre play. In that case the stage rehearsals become an entertainment and also a space for amusement, expression and personal growing.